About CAGR Value

Hello, my name is Nicholas Kitonyi. I created CAGR Value, a value investing-focused blog, which tracks various industrial and market trends to help to spot the stocks that are likely to benefit the most in terms of growth.

At CAGR Value, we believe in the value of compounding, which makes most of our investment insights long-term plays with sustainable growth projections. We believe that markets are increasingly becoming dynamic thereby making it difficult to find undervalued stocks.

However, with new disruptive companies cropping up from all industries, it is easier to spot the ones that have better growth prospects in the foreseeable future.

At CAGR Value, we track major developments in biotech, technology, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and companies that are likely to benefit from these markets. From an economic perspective, we track global economies in the emerging markets and the major world powers.