ETrade Broker Review

ETrade is a New York City, United States, based organization that provides financial services to a wide range of clientele. The company’s online stock brokerage services that target self-directed customers have listed the giant as a big competitor among the key players in the industry.

By utilizing creative features and tools to trade on bonds, stocks, futures, mutual funds, among others, ETrade remains a leading online trading platform. The electronic trading platforms are designed to be easily utilized by both experienced and non-experienced users.

Trading At ETrade

ETrade, usually stylized as E*TRADE, supports a list of publicly traded assets and commodities. The online platform allows users to trade on stocks, ETF’s, mutual funds, bonds & fixed incomes, options and futures.

Investing in Stocks at ETrade

Stocks trading at ETrade is a niche that is well outlined by the company’s online platform. Some of the key benefits associated with trading stocks at ETrade include:

The ability to showcase growth and value by overcoming inflation, allowing clients to select active stocks with dividends payouts as well as optimum control by choosing organizations with commendable history and promising end results.

Investing in ETFs at ETrade

Like stocks and mutual funds, ETF’s are constantly affected by fluctuating market values. ETF’s at ETrade are a recommended category on trading because the organization offers more than 100 ETF’s that are commission free.

Another reason as to why users seek Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) at ETrade is because they are sourced from independent providers.

ETF’s are usually successful because they track a singular benchmark index such as S&P 500. You can easily search a reputable ETF at ETrade and invest accordingly.

Investing in Mutual Funds at ETrade

There are more than 8000 mutual funds available at ETrade. Mutual funds are defined as the cornerstone on financial trading. They are made up of a combination of portfolios that include stocks and fixed incomes are revered when it comes to building a successful investment portfolio.

There are no transaction fees incurred when investing in mutual funds at ETrade and perhaps one of the reasons new users choose this category too when investing for the first time in the company.

Investing Bonds & Fixed Income at ETrade

Investors are able to make the most out of their chosen investment categories by focusing on bonds and fixed income at ETrade.

According to expert reviews, investing in bonds and fixed income help with meeting challenging living expenses. Generally, funds are spread on different assets thus allowing you to keep enough of what you need.

There are different types of bonds accessible at ETrade and these include Corporate bonds, municipal bonds, treasury bonds, agency bonds and brokered CDs among others.

Investing in Options at ETrade

Options at ETrade are marked as a safe way to trade. They help reduce high risks undertaken during market fluctuations. They are also ascertained onto improving the amount of income generated at share market.

ETrade uses innovative tools, smart technology, affordable value and mobile trading to enhance ETrade’s capacity to produce promising results when it comes to Options investing.

Investing in Futures at ETrade

There are more than 200 listed futures at ETrade available for trading. State of the art technology at the company makes investing in Futures an applicable strategy for both new and existing users.

Trading futures at ETrade opens accessibility to affordable commission investments on each traded product, free trading platform, and free support team available on call and chat as well as trading discounts on indexes, currencies, and treasuries.

 Pricing and Rates at ETrade

ETrade boasts some of the most affordable prices and commissions. For example, the standard cost per trade on stocks, options, and ETFs is $9.99. Options contracts, on the other hand, start from $0.75 with futures contracts starting from $2.99.

According to ETrade, most charges such as annual fee margins observed on competitor companies are omitted. There is no fee on accounts minimums as well although any withdrawal request that comes before the maturity of a trade is charged at $25.

If a trade was placed targeting a market in a different country, the local currency will be used to determine the value of that trade. This means that trades placed internationally such as in UK and Hong Kong markets may incur additional fees.

Every deposit of $10k or more welcomes up to $600 while at the same time gaining access to more than 60 days of commission-free trades.

Types Of Platforms At ETrade

There are three different types of trading platforms that users can utilize at ETrade. The platforms include the official ETrade Website, ETrade Pro—for advanced users, and ETrade mobile that utilizes new age smartphone technology to trade while on the go.

Support and Contacts

ETrade support team is ready to attend to its clients any time of day or week by phone, live chat, mail, and email.


ETrade, stylized as E*TRADE is a financial publicly traded company based in New York City, United States. The company supports online trading on futures, mutual funds, bonds, stocks among others.

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