IG Share Dealing Broker Review

Since its founding back in the 1970s, IG has continued to provide efficient services as a share dealing platform. Just recently, the company launched its online based dealing system that has by far received positive responses among traders. Over the years, it has satisfied its clientele by offering access to various financial markets such as binaries, indices, shares, and commodities among others.

IG ranks first as a CFD provider while also standing above the crowd on forex trading. Reviews and customer responses indicate that IG’s ability to trade with markets across the globe has given it a helping hand in creating a unique following.

In order to understand the share dealing benefits encompassed by IG, it’s necessary to focus on the trading platforms that the market offers.

IG Broker Trading Platforms

IG MT 4 Currencies and Commodities Trading Platform

Although would be out of the picture on share dealing, MetaTrader 4, mostly known as MT4 is a revered dealing platform on IG. The feature, unfortunately, does not support share trading and thus one of the disadvantages. However, its capability to trade currency has given it a hedge over some bigger players in the market especially for traders who would rather trade currency in its singular form. A combined trading on currencies and shares would require a stockbroking platform.

All newbies on share dealing are usually advised to join this form of investment by utilizing share trading platforms accessible online. IG share dealing happens to offer one of the most convenient layouts on the internet. Its web-based platform has been reviewed as easy to master—user-friendly platform.

One of the key advantages of the web-based platform is that it can be used online with ease without having to worry about downloading and/or installing on the computer. In addition, all major portable device brands are supported by this platform and thus making it the perfect on-the-go option.

IG Web-based Share Dealing Platform

IG’s web-based dealing platform is also an advantage to any other IG trader on the capacity that Reuters—the global news network can be streamed freely without any additional cost. This gives that trader an opportunity to focus on price changes while still staying updated on other global market changes. SMS and email alerts can also be activated thus keeping you connected in case of share market fluctuations.

IG ProRealTime share dealing platform

The ProRealTime share dealing platform makes yet another incredible feature on IG’s share dealing system. ProRealTime automates trading making it easier for the trader to anticipate markets and make proper decisions.

The buyer or seller can use already available years of data to calculate possible results or code strategies manually. The features in this platform allow him or her to see what the outcomes may have been supposing trading was executed.

ProRealTime is an advanced web-based platform within IG’s share dealing system with live charts. These charts can be used to establish a smooth trading strategy since they are automatically updated based on market performances.

IG L2 Dealer Platform

The fourth and most influential platform L2 Dealer, (Level Two) is an advanced user interface for expert IG share dealing users. Although designed for people who have been using IG and in particular have been in the share market trading for a while, it stands out and is a considerable option for strict share traders.

IG customer support

One of the best ways to retain and transform first-time clients into regulars is by offering better support when compared to competing businesses. As of this time, reviews indicate that IG has maintained a positive reputation by having its support team on call 24/7, available on live chat and responding to emails as soon as they are received from warring clients.

IG’s support is also emphasized by allowing users to train through their webinars. They are trained on options, share trading and forex trading respectively. For those new to the system, the webinar also introduces them to the four major platforms, their features, and applicable use.

Since it was founded in 1974, IG has maintained its position in the market as the world’s first financial spread betting firm. The company has remained the default choice for many investors venturing in the share dealing markets. The introduction of the execution-only stockbroking service prompted many forex traders to join IG thus seeing the company’s clientele increase by a huge margin.


In conclusion, IG’s new share dealing has been seen as a better way for existing users within the system to focus on stylized trading. The four major platforms are suited for clients that would rather use one broker instead of multiple ones.

In addition, the company’s market position globally makes it the perfect choice for traders both new and existing that would like to find cost effective share dealing opportunities overseas. IG’s customer support also provides the surety to their customer base. Customers are at peace when using the IG share dealing platform to trade.

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