iTrader Broker Review

iTrader is an online financial trading platform, license no. 198/13, currently regulated by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). The company’s on ground offices are located at Christaki Kranou office 201 Germasoya, 4047 Limassol, Cyprus.

Due to improved market performance in online trading, iTrader has been able to build a responsive customer base since its founding. Users can trade on stocks, CFD’s, commodities, indices, and Forex.

Trading with iTrader

There are several ways in which investors can trade online with iTrader and these include: WebTrader, MetaTrader 4 and Mobile. The platforms are featured with state of the art tools such as economic calendars, calculators, market summary, asset index and chart analysis.

WebTrader: Any device with internet connectivity and an interactive browser can be categorized under the WebTrader platform. Features that include, but not limited to, live analysis and charts, trading cubes, visual trends and a limited 14-day demo account make starting out with iTrader’s WebTrader the easy way to go.

MetaTrader 4: MT4 still remains the most revered trading platform by many. Generally, this is an application that can be installed on desktops and mobile devices. The software gives access to charting analysis and is fit for both beginners and skilled traders. With MetaTrader 4, you can anticipate price margins, choose what would be convenient to trade as well as easily enter your desired orders.

Mobile: There is no easier way of staying updated with the events across the globe than embracing the mobile technology. In that, iTrader has helped clients monitor market and price changes by downloading and installing the easy to use mobile apps from App Store and Play Store. The apps can be installed on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

iTrader Trading Assets

With iTrader, users can enjoy various forms of trading assets and these include Forex or currency trading, indices, stocks, and commodities.

Forex: Trading Forex is one of the most challenging options when it comes to making money through trading. Generally, you need to anticipate major currency changes across the world. According to iTrader, you can easily succeed in forex trading by getting support from their experienced brokers. There are many forex/currency pairs offered by iTrader. For instance, you can trade EUR/USD, GBD/USD, USD/JPY, etc.

Indices: Most people who trade on indices have researched ahead to understand globally traded stocks such as DJ Wilshire 5000, Nikkei, FTSE 100, S&P 500, etc. The indices trading platform on iTrader is renowned for its simplicity, low fees, and commission margins.

Stocks: There are two different forms of traders when it comes to trading global stocks. There are those that prefer dealing with one particular kind of stock while others would rather deal with multiple categories. CFD trading is popular at iTrader among multiple stock traders.

Commodities: iTrader provides an access to different types of commodities. Metals such as copper, platinum, gold, silver, crude oil, and agricultural products are all traded with ease at iTrader.

The platform allows users to trade at zero cost thus guaranteeing 100% of profits. Trading commodities are usually faced by fluctuating time challenges and iTrader has made this easier by preparing a list of preferred trading hours for each commodity.

iTrader Account Types

There are three different types of accounts at iTrader, silver, gold and platinum. The accounts are established based on spreads, leverage, and services.

Depending on the account, there are varying minimums and withdrawal procedures. For instance, silver account holders may have to wait up to 7 days before the withdrawn amount is successfully deposited into their respective accounts.

On the same note, gold account holders may have to wait up to five days while platinum account holders have to wait for only three days.

Other supported and unsupported features in regards to the type of account being utilized by the user include a dedicated account manager, ability to receive new alerts when market prices change, VPS, ability to swap discount as well as Islamic account support options.

Traded commodities, currencies and stocks are also affected by the account held by the user in terms of minimum to maximum deposits, discounts, and commissions. 

iTrader Support and Security

iTrader is a regulated online trading platform whose reputation has continued to attract many. Its 24/5 customer support has also given it a hedge with response to emails, chats, telephone calls executed immediately.

The support team can easily be reached by sending an email at,, and There is also a WhatsApp and Fax line.

Deposited funds and any other sensitive information is secured through encrypted connections and firewalls.

According to EU regulations on funds segregation and monitoring, clients are assured absolute security by having their funds segregated from iTrader funds with strict monitoring conducted each day.


iTrader is an online financial trading platform regulated under Cysec. The company’s ground offices are in Cyprus. iTrader broker services include stocks, CFDs, commodities, and Forex. The company operates on a global level thus offering flexibility to international users.

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