OptionsHouse Broker Review

OptionsHouse is American stocks, futures, and options online trading platform based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was integrated into E*TRADE on September, 12th 2016. E*TRADE is a renowned online brokerage company that mostly focuses on providing services to retail individuals.

By linking with E*TRADE, OptionsHouse has been able to identify a niche that would be reliable for the same type of clientele.

E*TRADE is also one of the oldest electronic financial brokerage firms in the industry and thus sharing more than 30 years of experience with OptionsHouse gives the ‘baby’ company a hedge over its competitors.

OptionsHouse centers its financial trading on three major aspects that have in particular been able to it into the limelight. Traders at this online trading firm will enjoy lower rates, fast executions, and state of the art trading technology.

Trading at OptionsHouse

OptionsHouse outlines commendable tools and features that help traders see value on their investments. The trading platform has been described as intuitive and easy to use by existing clients.

Another added advantage that reportedly comes with trading at OptionsHouse is the ability to place orders right from the page that you were researching on. New users are also able to open new accounts through a one button click that is present on almost any page they visit.

While trading at OptionsHouse, both advanced and new traders are constantly educated on the advantages, risks and confirmed profits that would be accessible by trading options, or spread trade. This information is easily available and does not require complex technological skills find.

Mobile Trading

All iOS and Android operating systems are now supported at OptionsHouse. By introducing mobile trading technology, the organization has been able to give its clientele reach an exclusive opportunity to capitalize on market and price changes on futures and options.

In addition to customizable features through the iOS and Android Apps, the organization’s official site has been customized making it mobile friendly. It can be easily accessed by any leading smartphone or tablet with ease.

What you get with OptionsHouse mobile trading platform

Whether you are new at OptionsHouse or have been an existing user, you can easily trade options and futures easily with this handy device, see live interactive charts for price and market changes, work with customizable layouts, focus on recommended quotes, see which updates to create or cancel as well as getting an immediate update on account balances when needed.

Compare rates from different online trading platforms

OptionsHouse allows users to easily compare trading rates from competitors on stocks and options. The site showcases the lowest rates on other trading platforms thus giving the trader an edge to choose the most profitable. All competitor figures represented are based on per contract and base or minimum fee.

Standard Rates at OptionsHouse

There are various standard fees that remain unchanged at OptionsHouse regardless of market and price changes. For instance, the broker assistance fee remains at $25 with the same amount reflected for outgoing domestic wires.

Domestic check fee is singled out at $5 while the amount multiplies by six to make $30 for overnight check deliveries. Other fees structures that don’t fluctuate include pre-pays weekend check deliveries among others.

Rates and Fees for Other Services at OptionsHouse

Professional users are charged $150 every month to subscribe for real market data while non-professionals access the same data for free.

Per contract basis on spreads, straddles and combos ($4.95+$0.50) either will be accompanied by one base ticket.

For mutual funds, there is a payable $20 fee per trade. The official site provides a breakdown of all rates for all traded options and spreads globally.

There is also a $2 fee charged to all tax documents and statements that are sent to clients in form of mail.

OptionsHouse also compels the clientele margin to grow by highlighting its capacity to provide the lowest rates in the market.

The company from time to time announces various offers such as an opportunity to trade at commission free for 60 days. Such offers allow clients to access more profits from their investments regardless of market trading margins.

Contact and Support Information

Users at OptionsHouse can reach the support team by sending a quick email by filling in provided fields. The user is required to provide his or her name, the email through which he or she will be contacted and the message.

The support team is also available on call on weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm E.T at 877 598 3190. They can also be reached on live chat weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm E.T or by sending a fax at 312 284 4775.


OptionsHouse is a futures and options trading financial platform based in Chicago, Illinois. The company integrated E*TRADE in its systems thus enhancing its capacity to reach out to more retail individual investors. The platform is also revered for its competitive low price and commission margins in the market.

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