OptionsXpress Broker Review

OptionsXpress is an online trading platform for stocks, mutual funds, futures and fixed income. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The online platform is customized to allow clients to find, analyze, and execute any investment deal with ease. One of the unique features on OptionsXpress is the ability for users to use a virtual account to execute trades.

Some of the assets or commodities that can be traded through a virtual account include options, futures and stocks. The account can be funded $25,000 to start investing on those trades.

OptionsXpress also supports an intuitive mobile platform. You can easily maximize on the official browser platform or use mobile apps for Android and/or iOS to track changes as and when they occur in the market.

OptionsXpress Trading Tools and Resources

Before you start trading at OptionsXpress, you need to setup an account that will allow you to access high-end features and tools.

Virtual Trade: This is perhaps the most sought after tool for trading on stocks, options, futures among others. The account minimizes some of the risks incurred by new users although experienced users will also find the account beneficial.

Walk Limit: Reportedly, every time an investor tries to manually modify spread orders, he or she ends up spending a lot of unnecessary time on one order. Walk limit is a special execution tool by OptionsXpress that allows users to automatically update orders and in the process access better price margins.

Idea Hub: When a new trading idea arises, it’s the duty of the investor to find out just how befitting it would be to him. In that matter, he may end up making the wrong decision.

Idea Hub is a special feature in OptionsXpress that provides scans for bullish, bearish and neutral curves thus eliminating accidental decisions. Users will, therefore, be able to see their earnings and income generated.

Trading Patterns: By observing the changes occurring during every trade, you can easily anticipate your next move. Trading patterns is a special feature, characterized by the Idea Hub tools that enable users to identify top trading markets and capitalize.

Streaming Charts: Every online trading platform contains a list of tools that help make trading flawless. A charting tool is one of the most sought after tools of trade and OptionsXpress offers a unique taste of the same. Generally, charts help you see changes on the market with ease by anticipating the next probable change to occur.

All In One Trade Ticket: With this type of execution tool, users are able to utilize the tool to see which trades to capitalize. For instance, you can choose to trade in options, futures or stocks based on the better performing category at that time.

Chains: An OptionsXpress chain is a special research tool that allows you to see quotes as depicted on every option strategy. Generally, an investor will be able to stay ahead by determining time and value of accumulated spreads.

Trade and Probability Calculator: Before you decide on the best trade to focus on, you need to be able to identify reliable trades that provide promising profits.

You can customize an options expiration date, its volatility among other options just to see what type of risks you have evaded. This is the value of this high-end risk tool, OptionsXpress trade and probability calculator.

Volatility View: Volatility of the market can easily affect price changes and thus why this charting tool by OptionsXpress comes in handy. The tool allows investors to go back in time and see the market behavior, and this can be from a few days to a few months.

OX Social: Is a social media platform within OptionsXpress that allows investors to share market ideas thus overcoming possible risks that may affect overall share profits. Users interact and share ideas and opinions on performing predictions.

OptionsXpress Mobile: This is a mobile trading platform that allows OptionsXpress users to trade while on the go.

With this platform, you can easily trade options, futures, stocks and futures options among others. The benefits that come with using the OptionsXpress mobile platform is that it applies to any mobile or handheld device as long as its internet activated.

OptionsXpress Support And Security

While online trading can be faced with several risks, OptionsXpress has remained open to its clientele. Its education center is the center for training and assisting new users with their systems through webinars, step by step tutorials and access to market reports.

OptionsXpress staffs are also available on call 24/7 at 888 280 8020 or reached out through live chat with the response being immediate.


OptionsXpress is an American financial online trading platform with ground offices in Chicago, Illinois. The organization’s features are customized to be used by both experts and novice. The company’s team is available to assist clients when trading stocks, futures and options on call or via live chat 24/7.


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