TradeKing Broker Review

TradeKing is an American financial company located in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Clients within Charlotte, North Carolina can also access the company’s subsidiary offices within that area.

TradeKing online brokerage services are equated with excellence due to its easy to use tools. Investors at TradeKing can utilize various electronic trading platorms to buy or sell mutual funds, bonds, options and stocks.

Since its founding in 2005, the company has expanded its products and service base to include ETF’s, financial advisory services, forex as well as IRA accounts among others.

Trading at TradeKing

In order to start trading at TradeKing, users need to establish an account that will act as their primary trading platforms. It’s easy to open a new TradeKing account with approval conducted in minutes.

For a new account, the user signing up will be required to provide an email address, username, password, first name, last name and an initial for the middle name. There is also a security question necessary to help reset your account in case you forgot some of your login details.

Your account’s interface at TradeKing is designed in such a way that you’re able to monitor your assets every step of the way.

What you can trade at TradeKing

There are several assets and commodities that can be traded at TradeKing. Each financial trade is achieved by following a given criteria. Available trades include options, stocks, ETF’s mutual funds and fixed income.

Options: Investors at TradeKing can utilize the online platform to buy or sell options with ease. The advantages linked to trading options include risk management regardless of the nature of the market at that given season.

Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds: Whether you’re trading stocks, Exchange Traded Funds or mutual funds, by accessing TradeKing’s powerful platform on the same, you will be able to buy or sell fast due to already available live screens giving you a feedback as and when changes on price and other trading factors occur.

Fixed Income (Bonds): All fixed income investment requirements are easily executed at TradeKing through accessible corporate agencies. The lower price margins also contribute towards increased profits. There are fixed income TradeKing experts that help new users understand how this particular platform works.

Funding and Withdrawing from your TradeKing Account

TradeKing supports a number of options in which an account can be funded and/or withdrawing held funds at the account.

Perhaps one of the most unique features at TradeKing is supporting full reimbursement of any transfer amount spend while migrating your online brokerage account to the firm.

Use Wire Transfer: This is probably the fastest way according to expert users. Wire transfer allows you to fund your TradeKing account and embark on buying or selling in just a matter of hours.

For Account Transfers: Although transferring of an existing account from a broker to TradeKing is easy, a few observations are taken into considerations. For instance, a form depicting your interest to transfer the account must be filled. This form is usually accompanied by a statement from your current broker.

Use a Check: TradeKing lists as one of the few platforms that support payments through checks. Users can draft personal checks, a banker’s check or even to-cash-check.

ACH Transfer: A well set up ACH account helps TradeKing clients transfer their funds electronically through the official TradeKing website. You can also use this method to withdraw funds from your account.

Trade Longer at TradeKing

TradeKing has introduced extended trading hours for clients who miss out on already set timelines for different types of trades.

Pre-market orders can be entered between 8am and 9.30am ET while post-market orders can be entered between 4pm and 5pm ET. Added trading hours are available between 1pm and 2pm ET.

Privacy and Security

TradeKing utilizes high-end SSL layering technology for firewall and security sockets to protect personal information and other important documents that users upload to the site. TradeKing is also an insured organization thus guaranteeing cash refunds of up to $500,000 to clients.

TradeKing also guides users onto how they can keep their accounts safe such as using a complex password that’s a mix of characters, numbers, and symbols. In addition, continuously updating the antivirus software also helps keep hackers at bay.


TradeKing is a financial online trading platform that can be used to buy or sell stocks, futures, options, bonds, among others.

The aspects that have placed TradeKing apart from their competitors include the ability to access lower prices on commissions, a website that has been setup with free and easy to use tools as well as a reliable 24/7 client support.

The ability to support on the go devices such as tablets and smartphones has also put TradeKing on the edge. Android and iOS users can easily download the mobile apps, install and stay connected with market changes on traded assets.


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