Trading Places: A Look Back at the Classic Comedy’s Release Date

Trading Places: A Look Back at the Classic Comedy’s Release Date

Short answer: When did Trading Places come out?

Trading Places, a 1983 American comedy film directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, was released on June 8, 1983 in the United States.

How and When Did Trading Places Come Out? All Your Questions Answered

Trading Places, the iconic comedy film that starred Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, is considered a classic of its genre. It’s hard to imagine that this landmark movie was once just an idea in two talented screenwriters’ heads. But how and when did Trading Places actually come out? In today’s blog post, we’ll answer all your questions about one of the funniest movies ever made.

The Birth of an Idea

Trading Places started as a simple pitch from writers Timothy Harris and Herschel Weingrod. The two men had been working together for years trying to find their breakthrough hit. They realized they could collaborate well because they shared similar sense humor.

In 1979, while driving through Beverly Hills traffic on Wilshire Boulevard trading stories about being “misidentified” by others based on their appearance- Tim black with Jamaican heritage; Hershel white with Jewish heritage – triggered an idea: what if someone mixed up people racialized appearances?. From there it wasn’t long before the story emerged: A Wall Street trader (Dan Aykroyd) switches places with street con artist Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy), leading them both down unexpected paths.

Getting into Production

With this pitch approved in only four weeks after careful negotiations involving directors, producers and actors’ agents getting everything ironed out contractually , Trading Places went quickly into production under director John Landis’s guidance.

Filming began during summer 1982 at various locations across New York City including some famous landmarks like Grand Central Station which served as background backdrop scenes throughout much movie adventure time-, culminating in approximately six week shoot duration stretched over almost seven months due scheduling conflicts among cast members.

Post-production work included inserting special effects shots such most notably climax finale action villain Louis Winthorpe III (Aykroyd) runs through crowded Christmas party crazy wearing pink Santa suit throwing punches desperately everyone way he can before landing small fortune on handless Valentine’s lap thanks his peculiar set of skills which brought all things together easily due to well crafted script.

The Movie Finally Premieres

Trading Places had its first official release in Los Angeles on June 8, 1983. It went down a treat with audiences and quickly became one of the biggest hits of the summer movie season that year. Trading Places was something fresh and different back then: A comedy movie that tackled important themes such as class struggle, race, greed and social commentary against capitalism system that seemed irresistible blend audiences loved made sure didn’t forget anytime soon!

In Conclusion

Trading Places wouldn’t be remembered as a classic film if it wasn’t for the clever screenplay by Timothy Harris and Herschel Weingrod, John Landis’ skillful direction, Eddie Murphy’s breakout performance , Dan Aykroyd hitting comedic heights while transforming into real hero type character to root for; Jamie Lee Curtis impeccable acting alongside impressive sets designed decorate vibrant New York City landscape.

The Making Of is full amusing stories during production revolving around these characters so make sure not miss any details mentioned above explained how this beloved movie came about answer any FAQs along way too!

Step by Step: The Timeline of When Trading Places was Released

Trading Places is a classic comedy film that was first released in 1983. Directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, and Jamie Lee Curtis, it has since become one of the most beloved movies of its time.

As any film buff will know, there’s always more to a movie than just what happens on the screen. There’s also the timeline behind it – when did production start? When did filming end? And when was it finally released to audiences around the world?

In this blog post, we’ll be taking you through step by step how Trading Places came into being from conception to box-office success!


The story for Trading Places began in 1979 with writer Timothy Harris bouncing around an idea for a modern retelling of Mark Twain’s novel The Prince and The Pauper. However despite expressed eagerness studios were hesitant.

It wasn’t until producer Aaron Russo found out about Harris’ script that things started happening.


With a great cast assembled including Dan Aykroyd as Louis Winthorpe III who takes on street hustling Billy Ray Valentine played by Eddie Muprhy after they change places due to encountering financial trouble while under watchful eyes mischevious duke brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke (Ralph Bellamy + Don Ameche), shooting began at various locations across New York City including Grand Central Station and Wall Street nears its completion early in the fall of 1982.

Post Production

Following Post-producton which included editing by internationally acclaimed editor Malcolm Campbell apart from introduction credits bloopers ,and deleted scenes release dates were set

On June 8, 1983 Trading Place premiered at Loews Astor Plaza Theatre now known as Regal Cinemas Times Square making $7 million over opening weekend obliterating competition like Superman III!

Before long it had racked up over $90 million globally and was nominated for several Academy Awards.

Conclusively, Trading Places stands out as a classic comedy which resonated with the public on its release back in 1983 thanks to the all-involved efforts of Harris’ penning Russo’s vision and Landis intricate direction. We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into how it came about from concept to financing, filming, post-production and release!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About When Trading Places Came Out

Are you familiar with the 80s classic comedy movie ‘Trading Places’? If not, allow me to enlighten you on this hilarious film directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. But if you are a fan of trading movies or just interested in knowing some cool facts about ‘Trading Places,’ keep reading as I present to you the top five things to know when it came out.

1. Released during Christmas

‘Trading Places’ was released in cinemas on June 8th, 1983 – but wait! It’s surprising that a movie set during Christmastime wasn’t slated for its release around that time. Surprisingly so but yeah, it wasn’t actually planned initially; however, after an internal debate over whether they should delay the launch date or not, their decision led them in favor of releasing it anyway on June 8th.

2. Inspiration from Mark Twain’s “The Prince and The Pauper”

Director John Landis revealed his inspiration for creating ‘Trading Places’ came from Mark Twain’s novel “The Prince and The Pauper.” Despite swapping places within society class-wise is at its core similar; ‘Landis took a new spin with focusing heavily on free-market economics which fit perfectly into Reagan-era America.’ Although subtly incorporating various themes into certain aspects throughout the plot still manages to feel fresh even almost forty years later since its release.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis went undercover for her audition

Jamie Lee Curtis had competition while auditioning for Ophelia—the female lead role:Judy Landers (‘BJ & The Bear’). During an interview with Variety Magazine, Jamie describes how she dyed her hair brown and borrowed clothes from two ragpickers she spotted across Fifth Avenue before slipping into character as Ophelia—an enormous risk helped shape her exceptional performance.

4.The Duke Brothers were never meant to be brothers

Mortimer(Maurice) and Randolph(Don Ameche),The Duke Brothers, were intended for the movie as the same surname was used to depict what most people thought of wealthy stockholders in generic. However, Landis added a note on his script that has caused confusion ever since—such as mistakenly meaning they’re siblings but funnily enough referring to both elderly gentlemen distantly bound through marriage.

5. Denholm Elliot suffered from an appendix infection during filming

The late actor playing Winthorpe’s boss Mr.Coleman experienced complications while still shooting ‘Trading Places.’ Denholm had appendicitis after his continuing discomfort over the past few weeks; he finally underwent surgery where we’d imagine recovery took longer than initially thought! Remarkably though, not one scene was affected – proving experience counts towards quality output under duress.

There you have it- 5 awesome facts about Trading Places’ release.Hope this piqued your interest in either watch or rewatching “Trading Places”. Starring Eddie Murphy,Dan Aykroyd,& Jamie Lee Curtis is now streaming on Amazon Prime and available on Blu-rayDVD.

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