Unpacking the Crypto.com Trading Fees: What You Need to Know

Unpacking the Crypto.com Trading Fees: What You Need to Know

Short answer: Crypto.com trading fees vary depending on the type of transaction and currency. Buy/sell fees range from 0% to 0.49%, while deposit/withdrawal fees range from free to a few percent. Staking also affects fee rates.

How to Calculate Crypto.com Trading Fees: Step-by-Step Tutorial

As a cryptocurrency trader, one of the essential things you need to know is how to calculate trading fees. It’s because no matter which platform you choose, there will always be fees associated with buying and selling digital assets.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll explore how to calculate Crypto.com trading fees accurately. Crypto.com is a popular exchange that offers users access to a range of cryptocurrencies and other financial services like staking and lending.

Step 1: Understanding the Fee Structure
Crypto.com employs a tiered fee structure for traders based on their monthly trading volume (in USD). Higher volumes attract lower fees. The tiers are as follow:

• Maker Fees:
o ≤ $2 million – 0.10%
o $2 million – $10 million – 0.09%
o ≥$10million – 0.08%

• Taker Fees:
o ≤ $100,000- 0.16%
o $100,000 – $1 million- 0.14%
o ≥$1million – 0.12%

It’s important to note here that maker orders add liquidity to the order book by placing limit orders while taker orders remove liquidity from the order book by executing market orders.

Step 2: Determine Your Trading Volume
The next thing you need to do after reviewing your knowledge about the fee structure would be determining your trading activity in terms of volume per month or set duration like ‘last week’.

To determine this effectively go through your transaction history and list all purchases regardless if it’s just btc or altcoins such as Eth, Ltc etc . Then record them according similar ‘base coins’. If needed convert using an online converter tool eg coinmarketcap .

Once done sum up total volume traded last month /week/ year depending on what time frame suits best!

Step3: Calculate Your Fees Now that we have determined our base/maker fees and the total trading volume, we can now calculate our Crypto.com trading fees.

Let’s assume that your monthly trade volume is ,000. Here’s how you would calculate your fees:

Maker Fees:
Since our monthly trading volumes is less than $2 million, the maker fee is 0.10%.

($20,000 x 0.001) = $20 (or 1 basis point)

Taker Fees:
For a monthly trading volume of $20k – taker fee bracket falls under ≤$100k-Therefore taker rate applies at .016%

($20,000 x 0.0016) = $32

So if you buy $20K worth of Bitcoin on Crypto.com at a limit price of USD50000 per btc ,
You will pay : Total Fee= TAKER+$MAKER=$32+$20 =$52

In conclusion , calculating your crypto transaction fees thoroughly looking past momentary impacts on profit/loss margins could potentially save substantial amounts in the long term so ensure to understand terms and conditions offered by different exchanges before executing trades.

Also be sure to compare costs across rival platforms as these fluctuate between providers which can lead to an abnormality or errors in calculations!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Crypto.com Trading Fees

The world of cryptocurrency trading can be a complex and confusing one, with new platforms seemingly popping up every day. One platform that has been gaining popularity recently is Crypto.com, which offers users the ability to trade a wide variety of digital assets.

But as with any trading platform, it’s crucial to understand the fees involved before jumping in headfirst. In this blog post, we’re highlighting the top 5 things you need to know about Crypto.com’s trading fees.

1. There are two types of fees: maker and taker

When you place an order on Crypto.com, there are two types of fees you’ll encounter: maker and taker. A maker order is when you add liquidity to the market by placing an order that doesn’t immediately fill (i.e., you’re not buying or selling at the current market price). Conversely, a taker order is when you remove liquidity from the market by placing an order that does immediately fill.

Currently, Crypto.com charges makers 0.04% per transaction and takers 0.4%. However…

2. You can get discounts on your trading fees

Crypto.com rewards high-volume traders through its fee structure – meaning if you trade more frequently and/or more money, your fees will go down:

– If you have staked CRO (the platform’s native token) for at least 10k USD worth:
– Your maker fee drops to 0%
– And your taker fee drops also depending upon your total traded volume
– Without stake:
– Takerscan still get upto ~20% discount based on monthly traded volume

Keep in mind though; these discounted rates do need some planning since they depend quite heavily on how much CRO tokens are being held/staked.

3. It’s free to deposit crypto into Crypto.com

One thing many traders overlook when evaluating different platforms’ costs? The cost of actually moving their funds onto that platform. For Crypto.com though, it’s free – meaning no fees for depositing any supported cryptocurrency into your account so you’re ready to trade.

That said: there are network fees associated with blockchain transactions when/if transferring cryptocurrency from other wallets or exchanges to Crypto.com’s wallet (think the Bitcoin network needing a % of value cut as a fee), but these charges aren’t levied by the exchange

4. There might be other hidden/not-so-obvious costs

While maker and taker fees may be easy enough to understand at face value, keep in mind all trading platforms take additional steps and precautions behind-the-scenes to assure order quality execution while avoiding volatility risks.

With this in mind some may incur extra miscellaneous costs beyond just standard transaction costs:

– Withdrawal Fees:
– Certain cryptocurrencies on Crypto.com carry withdrawal fees (which is relatively common).
– SWAP / Conversion Fees:
Additionally, if traders execute swap/conversion trades within their account – think conversion between different crypto assets or even converting fiat currency holdings directly within the app) then an added 0.1% charge is fully expected

5. Crypto Earn offers incentives for longer term deposits that can outweigh trading fees

If you’re holding any stablecoins like USDC or USDT instead of cashing out and/or continuing furtherlyll taking active market participation;then Crypto Earnis enticing scheme where users who lock up these funds for various lenghts get rewarded higher interest rates upto ~18%. This offer varies per stablecoin/crypto selected along with duration decided upon after which they typically give back thereby appreciating compounding returns on larger chunks held .

Now here’s why we mention CRYPTO EARN…Depending on overall investment amounts especially if exit plan far away, oftentimes using this relatively safe yield option over active spot markets can help offset/take place of certain brokerage-type commissions charged elsewhere(well depending how much one actually plans putting aside).

Overall: Crypto.com offers relatively competitive/ flexible trading fees along with various bonus-options for those who hold and stake CRO token as well a comprehensive crypto loan service- you just need to-do the math on allocating your overall funds, what works best will depend critically upon one’s risk-reward based positioning.

Your Ultimate FAQ Guide to Crypto.com Trading Fees

Crypto.com is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms that allows users to trade a wide range of digital assets. The platform offers numerous advantages, including high liquidity and security measures, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced traders.

However, Crypto.com’s trading fees can be confusing for beginners, especially with so many variables to consider. In this blog post, we have compiled the ultimate FAQ guide to help you understand how Crypto.com’s trading fees work.

What Are Trading Fees?

Trading fees are charges incurred by traders on each transaction they make on a crypto exchange. These fees generate revenue for the exchanges in operation while executing trades gives buyers and sellers more confidence in carrying out transactions successfully through trusted intermediaries (i.e., the exchanges).

Trading fees typically comprise taker fee – charged when you remove liquidity from an order book and maker fee – applied when adding liquidity.

Understanding Crypto.com Trading Fees

The total trading cost consists of two different components: Maker Fee & Taker Fee. Let’s look at these individual items:

Maker Fees

A “maker” is someone who places an order in the marketplace without immediately taking any other orders off its books; rather, their limit orders wait until another user fills them which adds depth to crypto markets.

These create new buying or selling opportunities if there isn’t sufficient demand present through market volatility or liquidity crisis periods; then this may lead towards higher uncertainty as well as even increased price action over short periods due specifically because your actions provided additional volume! Because makers contribute valuable coordination benefits like supply-side consistency rather than demanding it during regular currency operations’, Crypto.com offers up to negative 0.02% maker discounts according based upon what VIP levels customers hold!

Taker Fees

On top of those price-drop inducing cancellations / delete requests being processed , there exists also “takers.” A “taker” refers any trader who removes existing trades from publically available ledgers -, sometimes because of market demand, lack supply-side consistency or differing policies in play at particular exchanges (like with bitbuy).

Takers typically incur fees attached to each transaction which can range from 0.04% – decreasing or increasing based upon level subscriptions as well VIP tiering programs when working with this platform- along with other costs such as network fees.

VIP Tier Memberships

There are five membership tiers on Crypto.com namely; standard, ruby, jade, icy white and obsidian. Each tier has its own set of requirements for eligibility that must be met before receiving the associated benefits outlined below:

Standard: No Benefits
Ruby: –

Average Volume traded(Monthly) : $10K

Maker Fees: Flat Discount of 0.02%

Taker Fees :Flat discount of 0.02%
Jade :-

Average Volume Traded (Monthly): $50K

Access To Free Metal Visa Card(Within Limits)
Stake Coins Regularly *
Lower Spread Rates**
Lowest Withdrawal And Transaction Costs***
Available On Private Telegram Channel

Maker’s Discounts – Negative discounts starting at zero point-one-five percent (-0.15%)
• Taker’s Discounts – The lowest commission levels are available at just zero-point-zero-four percent (0.04%), if you become a Jade member on our diamond trading platform Obsidian 🙂

Icy White:-

Average Monthly Trading volume-$500k+

One free Platinum users subscription worth up to €1K
An Airport LoungeKey™ AccessHigher Payback rates(up to 8)%* &**

Highest Maker-Minus Level(-0.25)(Limitations May Apply)*
Priority Support Via Phone Calls
Special Buy-In Program With Lowered Fiat Prices**
Low Credit Line Interest Rate-Special Offering***
ONE TIME Bonus Up To USD12,000 For Unlimited Plan Members Only****See Below!

Discounts On Both Makers And Takers


Average Monthly Trading volume-$10m+One free Platinum users subscription worth up to €1.5K
The industry-leading Maker Discount of -0.30%*
Hiring An Executive Personal Assistant Via Work Service**
Airport LoungeKey™ Access,40k CRO Lines Of Credit At Interest Rates Much Lower Than Fiat..
Low Payback rates(up to 12)%*,
Quick Response Time Via Phone Calls
Special Buy-In Program With Additional Discounts On Coins

Reduction In Network Fees

Crypto.com Funding and Withdrawal Fees

Crypto deposits are completely free on Crypto.com’s platform unless you’re using a credit card (2.99%).

Withdrawals can be made at any time once you’ve passed some basic identity verification steps which take only a few minutes since they keep this process easy and consistent for their customers.

However, there may be network fees associated with the transaction when sending cryptocurrencies outside of Crypto.com – So consider carefully whether it would really matter if traded here exclusively or not given that these costs will add up over time should multiple transactions occur across platforms.*


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